D-M MacInnes

A Real Witch Lives Next Door

We Witches aren’t bad,
We’re just misunderstood.
We only cast magic
That’s helpful and good!

Delight in a richly illustrated, rhyming tale where a curious child discovers her neighbour is a witch. With help from her grown-up, an introduction is arranged where questions are answered, and magic is cast.

The Witch THEN PRESENTS THE CHILD AND GROWN-UP with an Old Dusty Book containing a pentacle full of device-free activities, allowing witchlings and their friends and family to partake in a little magic of their own. Each activity is designed to encourage personal empowerment and respect for each other and the environment.


A Real Witch Lives Next Door is the perfect addition to your family’s book collection. It embraces the idea of inclusivity of all people we find in our communities.

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