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Choose from a range of printing options when it comes to printing and publishing your book.
We can offer various binding options, soft or hardback, and at any size you desire.


Bind the books you want, how you want

A durable & suitable solution for diaries, Pricelists, handbooks, Manuals & Reports


Printing the way you want it

  • A4 down to A5 and all size in between
  • Portrait or Landscape Orientation
  • Hardcover or Softcover



Now that your book cover design and book format are complete, you are ready for the printing process. Depending on the size of the print run that you are wanting to produce, there are three types of printing that we employ.

The first type of printing is for very low quantities, and is known as Print On Demand (POD). With our POD system, we can print as few as one book at a time. It is a very low cost option for authors wanting to break into the market, and does come with some interesting pros and cons. For example, with the low cost entry, there are limitations on sizes and paper stocks that we can choose from. And the price is relatively set, meaning there are no economies of scale when printing larger quantities. There are however, lots of pros to this system as well. Consider if you have sales offshore, this system will allow you to print in the country of the order, and then ship the book as a local shipment, rather than having to ship it all the way from your door. This can save you lots on shipping!

From there, the next type of printing, is digital printing. This type of production is really the mainstay of our book printing facility, as most of our orders are produced in this fashion. We work from our book printing facility in Brisbane, Australia, where the whole process is managed locally. Digital production is highly economical for authors and clients looking to produce mid-range quantities of books. This would be in the range of 50 books up to 1000 books. There are only minor limitations to this process, especially when looking at producing hardcover books, and books that have lots of colour pages as well. The major pro with this type of book printing process, is the short lead time, as we are able to produce books within two to three weeks.

Lastly, offset book printing is the printing process we employ when looking to produce more than 1000 books, or books with lots of colour pages and even hardcover books. Offset book production is employed in what we call economies of scale. This means that the price per book unit drops dramatically when printing in large quantities. While we always strive to keep our book production within our local facility, our primary focus is to ensure you are making a return on your investment. As such, we have book printing partners in Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong that we have worked with for many years.

To begin your book printing process, we will first produce a proof copy. This is called a galley proof, and is normally a loose-leaf copy of the book produced on the same paper and the same press for you to review before we proceed. At this stage, it is important to confirm that you are happy with the paper stocks, the colours, and of course the size of your book. We will work with you to make sure you are happy to approve and proceed, and oversee any changes that you might want to make at this stage. The proofing stage is very important as a last minute check of the book before we print, so be sure to check everything very thoroughly.

From there, and once you have approved the proof copy, we will press the big green print button! In terms of timeline, proof copies, regardless of which method they have been produced, take approximately 2 weeks to be printed, checked, and sent to you. Once approved, you can expect:

  • 2 week turnaround for any books ordered through POD (plus delivery time);
  • 2 week turnaround for any books produced digitally (plus delivery time); and 
  • 8–10 week turnaround time for any offset print run, allowing time for the book printing and binding, delivery to port, shipping, customs clearance, delivery to our warehouse for checking, and then, finally, delivery to you.

Frequently asked questions

About Clark & Mackay Printers

Clark & Mackay provides economical printing of your book, magazines, annual reports or newsletters. Our printing company located in Brisbane Queensland has the equipment and ability to design, print and finish your book printing requirements economically, quickly and efficiently.

The advantage of having Clark & Mackay handling your book printing needs:
Book printing can be black and white or full colour or a mixture of both.
We handle a large range of book sizes from A5 to A4 and all sizes in between.
Printing of books on Gloss, Matt or Bond paper stock, we also print on different weights of these paper types.
Various bookbinding methods: saddle-stitched, burst bound or hard case bound.
Spiral and comb binding for diaries, handbooks and technical manuals.
We have our own art department to create artwork or utilise your files for book printing production

Saving you time, money & energy

Book printing and production can be confusing and bewildering, that is why our sales team is there to help you make the right decisions in the organisation, production and printing of your book. We try to make the book printing process economical and efficient and will do our best to provide helpful and time-saving advice. Our Brisbane based sales staff and art department will endeavour to assist you in your book printing needs.

Artwork or not, we’ve got you covered

Our Brisbane based art department can design and personalise your book or we can produce artwork for your book printing from your very own word processing document, publisher file, pdf file or hard copy artwork. No matter what software you have used to produce your book artwork, we will be able to use it to generate your book printing needs.

We also offer a cover design service for our book printing clients, allowing them to produce the artwork for the inside of the book, but having our Brisbane based art department produce an eye-catching cover artwork.

The Cost of Book Printing

Our sales team can advise you on the cheapest and economical methods for printing your book, from the type of paper stock for the book printing to the most economical quantity of books that can be produced for your money. No matter what your budget for book printing we can help. If you have any concerns or questions on book printing just ask our Brisbane based sales team.

No matter whether you are after a small number of books or magazines, or if your book printing is for a large quantity, our Brisbane printing company can provide a quick and reliable book printing service.

Whether you live in Brisbane or Queensland, or elsewhere in Australia, if you need book printing, that is cheap and economical, contact us for a quote and helpful advice on any of your book and magazine printing requirements.

We’re Experts in the Art of Printing

Clark & Mackay Printers Brisbane can handle your many and varied book and magazine printing requirements, from different types of binding to mailing quarterly magazines.

Book & Magazine Printing
Self Publishing & Self Published Books
Short Run Books
School Magazines and School Yearbooks
School Diaries and Journals
Annual Reports and Financial Reports
Manuals & Technical Journals
Spiral Bound Books and Manuals
Comb Bound Books and Manuals
Hard Cover Books
Soft Cover Books
Poetry Anthologies
Quarterly Magazines

Please contact us if your have any questions regarding the printing and production of your book.

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