Printing Innovations

Clark & Mackay are here to help you with your marketing solutions to stimulate your business.
With the new technology & Printing Innovations at our disposal, we can offer specialist envelope, poster and magnet printing services.


These envelopes don’t just look nice: they provide a much stronger, longer-lasting closure than you would expect and use only the highest quality paper coated in a brilliant white finish.

  • Sizes from 11B to B4
  • Press Seal
  • Strip Seal
  • Plain Face
  • Window Faced
  • Secretive


We, at Clark & Mackay, print banners, posters and signs in-house with state of the art wide format printers.

  • We cater for small quantities
  • Quick Delivery
  • Sizes 300 x 640mm or 300 x 440mm
  • From your Artwork
  • Competitively priced


Unlike paper business cards, won’t tear, wear out, fray, catch fire and fall apart in the washing machine. They aren’t lost and forgotten, they stick where you want them and face up!

  • Unlike paper, won’t tear, wear out, fray catch fire or fall apart in the washing machine
  • Nearly impossible to misplace or lose when placed on metal objects (most metal objects are heavy) your client will always have your details at hand
  • Use as Prominent Reminders for your Business Details
  • Any Style, Any Colour, Any Size


  • Each Magnet can be individually personalised with a client’s name address or picture
  • Various sizes to suit your needs
  • Full Colour Printing
  • We can utilise your artwork or we can design an eye catching promotion

we are happy to advise on the best solution and a competitive price on your printing requirements

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