Jason Leigh

Jason began reading at a very young age, and started writing his own work not much after that. His first book was 'terrible', as he wanted to write themes of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll but didn't have the life experience to do those ideas justice at just 15 years of age.

From Hobbyist to Publishing Manager

He continued writing as a hobby through university and eventually found a job working in a small independent publishing house. Working up through the ranks, Jason attained the role of publishing manager and helped thousands of authors bring their books to life.

Now, with years of experience in the publishing industry, Jason is finally ready to release his debut series, A Web of Lies. 

A Web of Lies, set within the Archives of the Harvest Wars, a sprawling universe of intrigue, magic, and war.

With fleets of airships, mancery, and the ability to read anyone’s Truth, the Elves have squashed every rebellion with bloodshed and war. But the arrival of a foreign race on the shores of Belissia, threatens to tip the balance of power.

Airship Captain Selouteau of the Elven Armada, races to save her home from the Human invasion, bu seeking an alliance with the exiled Prince of the Ez. But in the Prince’s court, Selouteau finds someone that brings the legitimacy of the entire Elven reign into question.

Old tensions rise and as the continent slips towards another war, Selouteau grapples with the weight of what she’s discovered.

Can Captain Selouteau stop the next Belissian war before it begins? And if she can’t, do the Elves—her own race—deserve to remain in power?

Coming Soon

"A thrilling dive into a world where every shadow conceals a secret and every truth is wrapped in deception."