Looking for a self-publishing service that gives you the full package? Your book’s edit, design, layout, and printing process will be handled by Clark & Mackay.


Clark & Mackay have been creating beautiful well crafted books for many years. As a professional printing & publishing company we pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our printed books, and we have the experience and knowledge to create a beautiful book to communicate your story or ideas. Our self publishing clients receive a quality product at an affordable price, published the way they want. We listen.

  • Hard Cover (Case bound) books, long lasting and durable, a great keepsake
  • Soft Cover (Paperback) books, making self publishing very economical
  • Saddle stitched books, ideal for children’s books
  • Self publishing your book at the size you require


As an author you want your message to reach the widest possible market, to achieve this you need to make it available both in print and for download on all the latest Kindle, iPad, Android and Nook devices. Our team will carefully adapted your book for compatibility with the widest possible range of ebook devices while still holding as much of the style and format of the printed document. When Clark & Mackay produce your self published ebook you are not locked into only one online book seller, you can upload the files to any of the major online companies, or sell them from your own website. Self publishing your ebook with us gives you the freedom to self publish on your terms.

  • Create a reflowable ebook
  • Generate ebook and mobi format files.
  • Embed your cover artwork in the file.
  • Create a table of contents.
  • Insert metadata into the file including ISBN.
  • You are not locked into selling on only one site.

Where Do I Start?

Telephone or email us or make an appointment to come in and explain what you wish to produce. Our team will go through what is available to suit your publishing requirements and your budget. We help self publishers to produce many different genres of books, from family histories to poetry anthologies and autobiographies. Self development titles, academic books, fiction novels, children’s books, we are happy to assist you in getting published.

We are happy for you to produce your own artwork or ebook file from your word processor or desktop publishing programme. We also provide a self publishing book layout design service and a cover design service for clients wishing to have a professionally designed publication.

Once we know what your requirements for your publication are, our team will produce an economical quote, with no hidden charges. You will know exactly how much it will cost to self publish your book. If you are confused or need to verify the quote contact our self publishing team and we will be happy to explain the details of the quote.

Once you are happy with the quotation, we can move into producing your book. We will provide you with a proof of your book printed on the exact paper stock you have chosen, so you have a perfect representation of how your self published book will look. Once you have approved the proof we can start the production process. For ebook proofs you will be supplied a file to verify that you are happy with the layout before we generate the final ebook files.

How we can assist you

Interior Book Design & Formatting

Our inhouse art department can design and create the artwork for your book, ensuring it is both easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

  • Set page margins, text fonts and running headers and page numbers to create a stylish layout that will be enjoyable to read
  • Create a title page, verso page and table of contents
  • Create squared-off pages at identical heights, avoiding widows/orphans and preventing awkward page breaks

Book Cover Design Service

A good book cover captures the reader’s attention, gives a clear impression of the contents of the book and tempts the reader to pick up the book and take a look inside. We can provide a self publishing cover design that will enhance the look of your book and create a lasting impression.

  • Create a visually pleasing cover to attract potential readers
  • Design a back cover and spine artwork to compliment the front cover
  • Generate an artwork for inclusion in ebook titles

ISBN Number & Barcode

If you are planning to sell your self published book an ISBN and barcode are essential. Our self publishing department can organise and register an ISBN number for your publication. We can apply for the ISBN from the relevant agency and generate the barcode to be used for the cover of your self published book

  • Purchase the ISBN and register the information in the industry database
  • Translate the ISBN into a relevant barcode for inclusion in the cover artwork

Book Editing Services

You work hard to write your book, so for it to succeed you want it to look good as well as read well. That takes more than a first draft. We can help with editing services from proofreading and copy-editing, through light structural editing and manuscript appraisal. All our editors are industry professionals who know exactly what works in a novel (and what doesn’t), so your book will soon be looking great!

we are happy to advise on the best solution and a competitive price on your printing requirements

Need advice and a price?